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Health Insurance Shouldn’t Be Tied to Employers

The coronavirus pandemic is exposing a central flaw in America’s health care system. In the...

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What to Do if You Don’t Have Health Insurance Right Now

With coronavirus cases spiking across the country and the U.S. officially in a recession, it's...

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Six factors that could impact your health insurance premiums

Your age, gender, and even your body mass index could affect the premium you pay...

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All regular health policies cover covid-19-related hospitalization

Most plans have an initial waiting period of 30 days, post which, covid-19 would be...

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Tips to run a successful healthcare business

Believe it or not, but running a business is no easy feat, whether it be...

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Cheap Car Insurance 2020 Tips

The price of auto insurance has increased in the past few years. Although driving is...

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Does insurance cover damage from uprisings?

Businesses, homes and cars damaged or vandalized in the uprisings and civil unrest after the...

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7 things you should know about auto and car insurance

Many car owners are confused by common misconceptions and unfamiliar terms. Here's how to find...

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